The Vorarlberg family company ZIMM Group GmbH takes over the German industry gear specialists C.H. Schäfer GmbH and Getriebe Schäfer GmbH together with the production site in Ankara. The plant in Ohorn near Dresden is conserved, the order and earnings situation should be improved through new management, strategy and restructuring.


In mid-August we started production in our new factory building. It is used primarily for assembling large gear units up to a total weight of 12.5 tons. This building is also used to carry out paint and coating work in a heated spray booth. Furthermore, we are now able to test gears with a convenient evaluation software on our new test stand. By doing so, we can better meet any such demands of our well-known customers.


There is no end to the reports of success on the new Chilean super-telescope called "Alma" (Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter Array): Researchers recently reported they were now able to pinpoint the exact locations of over 100 of the most fertile star-forming galaxies in the early Universe having solved the mystery of their prolificacy. In just a few hours "Alma" captured as many observations of these galaxies as have been made by all similar telescopes worldwide over a span of more than a decade (source: Maria Schießl, editor at WEB.DE). This good news is a source of pride to us as well. The telescopes are moved along two axes – in azimuth and elevation. All gears required for it were produced by C.H. Schäfer.

Industrial gears for 140 years - Performance by tradition - Worldwide

Our website has been completely rebuilt by giving it a new and more modern design, right on time for our 142nd anniversary. We hope the platform created by us provides you with interesting information on our company, C.H. Schäfer Getriebe GmbH. One of this year’s particular highlights was our exhibition at the 2013 Hannover trade fair from 8 to 12 April, 2013. On 44 square metres of exhibition space, we presented you with a small part of our broad product portfolio (e.g. planetary, bevel and bevel helical gear units, helical-bevel planetary gear units, transfer cases, bevel gear sets and much more).